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Israel 70 Constellation

The biggest and most ambitious in the field of space and satellite education, and among the most complex in the world, this national project will include the planning, programming, construction and launch of seventy CubeSats by 70 different high schools in Israel, to celebrate the seventieth birthday of Israel in 2018.

Israel 70 project is based on lessons learned from the development of our two first satellites, Duchifat-1 and Hoopoe, and shall be lead by experienced students of the project and the Herzliya Science Center. Different schools will choose their own payload for the satellite they build, and several of them will build their own ground station and clean room. All the satellites will form a communication network which will allow fast information conveyance and will have the ability to receive software updates from the ground.

The project's constellation will contain two different types of satellites:


1U (10X10X10cm) satellites that will be used for internal communication within the constellation. These satellites will include two transceivers, one used for internal communication and the second for the communication with the ground station. Most of the constellation will consist of Pawn satellites.


2U (20X10X10cm) or 3U (30X10X10cm) satellites will each communicate within the constellation and will carry their own unique payload. The information that will be gathered by the satellites will be transferred to the ground station by the satellite or using the Pawn satellites in the constellation.